Custom Aromatic Perfume Service 60-120 minutes $55 (includes 1 product)- For local clients only.


Coming in for a custom blend is lovely fragrant experience.  You will sit down with me and relax with a warm shoulder wrap.  I will then go over your purpose for the blend, explain how aromatherapy works (if needed) and discuss the different forms you can have your blend made into.  Next we will go through a scent bar of various essential oils to find your top 2-5 aromas that resonate with you the most. After selections have been made, I will whip up your personal scent to take home.  Costs may vary based on ingredients and essential oils choosen.

Express Custom Blends- $10 add on to regular prices for one time set up fee. Local Clients Only.

Express Custom Blends are quick blends, when you know what purpose you want your blend for and don't need a full consultation or if you want me to make recipe you found online but don't have all the ingredients to do so. Stopping in during blending hours or placing an order.  You can choose from the list below.  If you have a lot of questions or are picky with scents,  I would suggest doing the Custom Blend Service.  

*Price of product only- Prices are for express custom blends only, not The Lemon Branch Line

Therapeutic Blends:  Therapeutic Blends typically are made for short term use, for concentrated areas for various therapeutic reasons. Sickness, Stress, Sleep, Sore muscles etc. Made in the best form that's needed: Diffuser, Roll-On, Body Oil, Bath Salts, Body Mists. $5-$20


Diffuser Scents:  Diffuser Scents are made just for that, diffusing!  Using a cold mist diffuser  (recrommened) or a candle diffuser.  Add 5-10 drops for a lovely scented space.  Diffuse up to 4 times a day, 15 minutes each time.  Come in 5ml of any pure essential oil blend you choose.  Not for internal or direct use. $5-$30


Body Oil:  May pick from different carrier oils of your choose.  Such as a blend, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Meadowfoam Oil and Jojoba Oil.  Or keep it simple with Jojoba Oil.  To help nourish the skin and give that you that beautiful glow.  Can also be used as a massage oil.  Scented with essential oil blend of your choice.  2oz/$12  4oz/$17


Body/Linen Mist:  Mist your home, pillows, car and yourself!  Mists can make you and your home smell wonderful in a healthy way!  Made mainly with Aloe Vera Juice and Witch Hazel.  Made with the essential oil blend of your choice.  2oz/$10  4oz/$14


Roll-On Oil Perfume:  Roll-on Perfumes are a great alternative to synthetic perfumes.  Keep where ever you go and apply to pulse points.  Made with Coconut and Jojoba Oil, along with essential oil blend of your choice.  10ml/$11


Bath Salts:  Salts have many healing qualities.  Choose from Epsom, Dead Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salts, along with the essential oil blend of your choice. 



Hair Oil:  A blend for you specific type of hair.  We choose from various carrier oils and essential oils to help make your healthy and full of life.  Massage onto your hair before bed or do warm oil treatment 30 minutes before a shower.  2oz $12-$20


Facial Oil:  Facial Oils are great for the skin to remove makeup, wash or moisturize your skin.  An oil blend made specific for your skin, to give it that beautiful glow! Certain skin types may need to consult an esthetician or dermatologist first.  1oz/$12-$25

Specialty Custom Blends- Local Clients Only


Love Potions

30-60 minutes/$45 *Includes love potion


Love Potions are a great way to enhance your life on all levels.  Certain essential oils can help you feel confident, feminine, relaxed and sensual.  With my ancient love potions training, I will take you back to the days of Cleopatra and create a blend just for you!  Come alone or bring a loved one.



The Elements



I will take a basic look at your astrology chart and focus on the elements, in your chart.  In Western Astrology Air, Earth, Water and Fire are elements used, each having a different meaning.  I will determine which elements are your strongest or weakest.  You will take home a roll-on from The Lemon Branch's Element Line.  Air/Clarity, Earth/Grounding, Water/Balance and Fire/Drive to help balance the energy of your element.   If you choose this service,  I will need your birth time, birth day/month/year and location of birth. This information can be emailed to: thelemonbranch@gmail.com

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