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Two Essential Oils for Peace & Tranquility

When it comes to essential oils and calming the mind, I think it's a very personal quest. Sure, certain essential oils have chemical components to support relaxation, help with anxiety and to calm an over active mind. However, I believe how a scent makes you feel when you smell it, is just as important.

In comes Lavender (angustifolia) and Sweet Orange (citrus sinensis). Two common oils and a very simple blend. In my opinion these two oils together are pure peace and joy.

Lavender is known for assisting in things like sleep, anxiety, stress and tension. It's been known to act as a natural sedative for the nervous system. While Sweet Orange also acts like a natural sedative, it's also uplifting and joyful. So you get the benefits of feeling calm and uplifted at the same time!

Tips for using Lavender & Sweet Orange Essential Oils:

Diffuser- Depending on the size of your diffuser, add a total of 5-10drops. I personally like more Sweet Orange than Lavender, but this is a personal preference.

Passive Diffusing- This is a great and safer option for someone with pets. Fill a bowl with Pink Himalayan Salts Crystals and add however many drops you would like to the salt and mix well. Place the bowl next to your bed or couch and enjoy the blend. Add more oil as needed.

Roller Ball- Using a 10ml Roller Ball you can add up to 10 drops of Sweet Orange and 5 drops of Lavender. Again, play around with ratio to fit your preference.

Aromatherapy Inhaler- These are great! You can keep them in your purse and you don't have to worry about affecting those around you with scents they might not like. With personal aromatherapy inhalers you can add up to 15 drops for adults on the wick. Breathe in as needed!

So take an aromatic journey with Lavender and Sweet Orange and let the tension melt away!

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